Monday, January 24, 2011

Making Friends Monday

Now that my Merry Month of Miracles contest is over (sniff ... that was so much fun and I miss it) we are going to resume our Making Friends Monday feature.  (hooray ... this is so fun and I missed it)

Our first blogger today is Becky Saldivar,who comes to us from The Bec-ster. She says about herself:

I have been blogging since 2006. I love to blog to connect with family, friends, and people that love to read. It gives me a place where I can share my thoughts about books and keep track of my yearly reading. I also love to share pictures of my kids with grandparents and family, most don't live so close anymore. 

In my free time I usually am working in the garden, singing, blogging, spending time outside, playing a sport, playing with the kids, planning Cub Scouts, going to bookgroup and reading a book. I always have a book with me and yes, I have even read in the garden. Sometimes I just can't put a good book down even when weeding. :)

You know, I've never tried to read and weed, but as long as we're not talking about drinking and driving, it's all good.  Head on over to Becky's blog, become a follower, and say hi!

Our second blogger for today is Deirdra Eden Coppel. She says:

I write fantasy set in different periods of earth’s history. This is somewhat unique as not only I have to keep my fantastic mythology straight, but I also spend quite a bit of time researching historical places, people and events.

I am fascinated with natural disasters, legends and biblical prophecies. I like to plan elaborate invasions and study maps.

I’m a combat fighter skilled in several different weapon types as well as hand to hand combat.

That being said my secret identity is rather normal. I am a stay-at-home mom and a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America. I shop at Wal-mart, attend church on Sunday, and stay active on my yoga mat.
It doesn’t take a trained detective to see the slight abnormalities in my life – cereal for dinner, no T.V., a computer and chair in my closet …. (That’s my secret lair.)

Yep, I’m a novelist.

I started blogging two years ago after my son was born. He was doing so many cute things and I wanted to share them on a private blog with friends and family. Soon after, I started a blog for my story book world life.

I created this blog to appeal too everyone who works with the literary world: authors, illustrators, agents, publishers and of course READERS. I love followers and celebrate every time someone joins us.

Thanks so much, Becky and Deidra!

Okay, bloggy friends, you know the drill - run over, meet these great ladies, say hi, and become followers.  And if you would like me to feature you on a segment of Making Friends Monday, send me a note.  

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