Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Book Trailer Contest

Hey, all!

Have you seen a book trailer lately that really made you laugh, or cry, or kept you thinking about the book long afterwards?  Did you see one that was creative, or that used unusual camera techniques, or great original music? I want to know which book trailers you've seen recently that you thought were outstanding.  Leave the links in the comment trail of this blog.  I will choose my five favorites, and then post them.  You will then vote on your absolute favorite.  Let's show these hard-working authors some love by bringing more attention to their trailers while having fun at the same time!

All entries must be received by midnight, February 14th.  If we're going to show these authors some love, Valentine's Day seems appropriate!  And yes, you can nominate your own trailer, if you're particularly proud of it.


Doreen McGettigan said...

Since my own trailer is not yet finished I would nominate Rebecca Rasmussen's "The Bird Sisters" due out April 12th...the trailer can be found here:

I can be found here:

Stephonie said...

I spent hours watching book trailers online and I came to the conclusion that there are some really bad book trailers out there. There are also some really great finds.

We originally didn't want to do a book trailer because we were afraid it might turn off our potential audience. With some encouragement from our editor we decided to film the book trailer at the same time that we filmed the music video.

We had a lot of fun filming. It turned out to be quite the Hollywood style production and well worth the trouble.

I saw the finished trailer before I saw the music video. I was stunned and had a hard time keeping back the tears. At the time I could only imagine what it would be like to hold our published book in my hands (this happened this morning, btw). I imagined it would be almost the same as it was when I first saw the book trailer. To see our characters that we had loved and despised come to live on the screen in front of me was joyously overwhelming.

The book trailer:

The music video:

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

My very awesome friends at Nua Music did this one with original music, a return missionary from Louisiana who did the voice-over and original sound effects. (A lot of the photography is mine as well as the script.)

Great idea to run a contest, Tristi!

Susan Bearman said...

Doreen beat me to it. I was going to nominate The Bird Sisters.

Lemony Snicket's book trailer for "13 Words" is hysterical.

Cat said...

I gotta say...the trailer for James Dashner's 'The Maze Runner' is one of my all-time favorites. Created by a 4th-year cinematography student in 2009, it was a finalist in the Kirkus Book Video Awards.

This one may be too intense for younger children:


flour girl said...

Great idea! I nominate the trailer for "Gifted" by Karey White

Wendy Swore said...

This is the trailer for Unlocked, Ten Key Tales. It was fun for us to make here on the farm.

Thanks for doing this!

Marie Higgins said...

I haven't watched a lot of book trailers, but I do have two that are my favorite. I don't make my own book trailers, because my friend, Ginger Simpson, is soooo good at it. So - even though these book trailers are about my books, I didn't make the videos. lol

Winning Mr Wrong -

Heart Of A Hero -


Laurie LC Lewis said...

This was my first and my only trailer thus far, assembled by a very patient sixteen-year-old Canadian film student for my Free Men and Dreamers books. We were trying to convey the urgency of the series. I'd love to know if we hit our mark!

Summer Wood said...

Hey Tristi,

It's tougher than it seems to make a good book trailer! Here are two entries. The first is for Susan Henderson's stunning book, UP FROM THE BLUE.

And this is my own, for my novel WRECKER (due out in two weeks-ish),

Thanks for asking!

Rebecca Talley said...

My son made both of my book trailers and I think he did an awesome job.

Altared Plans

The Upside of Down

Fun contest! Thanks!

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

What a great idea! (And now I feel awful my trailer isn't read yet! Aaargh.) I'm excited to see the entries! I hope you can run this again later in the year :)

Don said...

Here's the book trailer for Bumpy Landings. I had a blast making this.

I also released a shorter teaser.

susan dayley said...

I still love the result of the trailer for Redemption. After I had the concept, the lines just flowed one night, and I had to get up to write down the first draft. My husband found the video clips and music and we eventually contacted friends, one for a voice, one for his recording studio, and someone my husband's grafic artist referred us to. The later put it all together. The results, done on a slim budget, astounded us. check it out:
Or, in case the link doesn't work, search Susan Dayley on you tube. Thanks for considering it.

Lori said...

My first and only trailer:

Rachelle said...

Cool contest! I love the Mark of Royalty Music video/book trailer
and I can't resist telling you about mine. My brother in law created it and I was pretty happy with how it turned out!
Wrong Number Book Trailer

J Lloyd Morgan said...

For pure silliness, I'd have to say this book trailer:

Though, I may be a bit biased.

Lisa Asanuma said...

My favorite book trailers are Maggie Stiefvater's for her Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Really both of them are spectacular.



Janet Kay Jensen said...

I'm rather fond of this one:

Stuart Haatherington said...

Here's the book trailer to my book THE WEIGHT OF GLASS:

Harlow Coban said...

Hello, here's my book trailer for Life in Death: I hope you enjoy it.

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