Monday, November 01, 2010

Making Friends Monday

Welcome to this week’s installment of Making Friends Monday!  Shake off that sugar-induced coma and come meet some fantastic new bloggers.

First is Jessica, who comes to us from Put It on Paper.  She’s been blogging just since February of this year, and began blogging as a way of tracking progress on the revisions she was making on her novel, Imprisoned.  She blogs about the ups and downs she faces as a writer, and right now, she’s going through the querying process.  She’s also working on two other manuscripts.  She writes YA fiction, mostly contemporary romance and dystopian, but she’s been having science fiction ideas too.  Sounds like she’s got a lot of stuff percolating in that brain!

She’s a junior in college, studying English with an emphasis in Creative Writing.  She has a minor in French and sometimes uses it on her blog.  She eats peanut butter and Nutella together by the spoonful, she drinks about a gallon of milk a day (probably to get the sticky stuff off the roof of her mouth) and she never gets enough sleep. Jessica, sleep is overrated.  Take it from me.  It stunts creativity and all kinds of stuff like that.

Next is Paulette, who goes by the ultra-mysterious name of Pendragon.  I first met her at a writers conference years ago, and instantly liked her.  You can’t not like her.  Not humanly possible.  She does things like help her friends kill off their characters.  And once she made me laugh and I choked my drink into my book bag.  Good times …

She’s been blogging since 2007.  You can find her writing journey here, and her newest blog, about her adventures cooking for her husband, here.  They’re both awesome. 

She’s also a black belt in Haidong and she’s working toward her second black belt in Kung Fu.  She uses her experiences in her books.  I wonder if she’ll use her Kung Fu skills to chop up a chicken for her cooking blog.

Our last guest for today is Angela, who is a poet and posts her work on her blog, My Poetry and Prose Place.  She also posts work by other writers, and it’s fun to go there and read the pieces and feel the brain expanding just a bit, out of the everyday box and think about things in a new way.  I love good poetry for that reason.  It breaks the mold and I feel uplifted afterward.

She also has a sister-in-law with a way awesome name.  Tristan.  Isn’t that the most awesome name?  I think it rocks. In major ways.  This name is so awesome that I can overlook my desire to shudder over the fact that she used to like to eat peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.  But then, who am I to say … maybe that’s how she fed her muse, and if it works, keep it up.

Thanks for joining me today! If you would like to participate in Making Friends Monday, just click here to learn more.  And be sure to stop back every day this week.  I’m featuring a different book review Tuesday through Saturday, and you’ll want to stay tuned. 


Angela Felsted said...

Sorry my eating habits made you shudder. What a good post. I'll post yours next Monday--and I'll be sure to check out the other blogs too.

Ann said...

Happy Monday to you and thanks for the great introductions.

Shari said...

I love that you introduce people's blogs. Why did I not know that you did this earlier? Oh. Probably because I have been internet dead. Anyway. How awesome are you for doing this? Pretty darn awesome.

L.T. Elliot said...

Awesome bloggers! I'm off to check them out!

Tristi Pinkston said...

It's all good, Angela ... I'm sure I eat stuff that would make you cringe. :)

Brian Bedell said...

Hey there,

I missed you on Monday, but I wanted to comment on your blog. As a struggling writer, I have the utmost respect for what you are doing. I currently write for others to bring in traffic to their websites and it is enough to make me wanna scream. I long for the day when I will be able to write my own material and have my own readers who enjoy the material I write. As it is, the majority of what I write is not even credited to me as I sell that right to my clients. Anyhow, keep up the good work! I am now following yoru blog and will check in soon.

Brian Bedell
Panna Days, Guinness Nights
An Alternate Truth/Fiction Blog

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