Monday, October 18, 2010

Making Friends Monday

Welcome to this week's edition of Making Friends Monday!

Our first blogger today is Christina Weigand, who blogs at the Palace of Twelve Pillars. Her first novel, titled "Aaron's Revenge," was released in June of 2010 through Xlibris.  She has other books in the works, too -
Palace of Twelve Pillars (first in the trilogy) being revised, word count 61,000; Palace of Three Crosses (second in the trilogy) to be written during NANOWRIMO 2010 then critiqued, revised and rewritten in 2011, word count 0; Aaron's Revenge (third in the series) rewritten and rereleased with the other in 2011, word count 41,000.  That's going to keep her really busy, it sounds like!

Christina's blog is a great mixture of thoughts on writing and devotional essays.  She's a Catholic, and her reverence for God and her religion comes through in her inspirational posts.  
Next up is Stephanie Humphries, who has some of the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen.  She also lives in Canada.  I don't know if Canadians just grow gorgeous hair, or if that's a coincidence.

She says, "I've been blogging since June 2007. My blog is called Write Bravely. I blog about whatever is on my mind. Usually I write about books, writing, or just a slices of life.

"If I were to do anything besides writing, it would be embroidery. Give me a needle and thread and I am content for hours. The writing takes up so much time that I don't do much needlework anymore, but when I really need to relax, that is the first thing I turn to.

"My first book, Finding Rose, was published this summer."

Congratulations on that first publication ... I have no doubt it's just the first of many!

Last but not least for today is Sue Neal, who is also Canadian.  What are the odds ... And yes, she has gorgeous hair too!  She says, "I had to check, but I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years. Primarily I blog about paper crafting and food.  As a Studio 5 contributor for both of these areas, I always post my video segments with links to my articles.

"I am also a Founding PC Pro for Paper Crafts Magazine and currently teach card making classes (Q’s Creative Card Classes) at Roberts Crafts across Utah every month, so there are LOTS of paper crafting and card making posts.

"I blog about travel teaching, my contests and pretty much anything else in my life that is craft or food-related.
 I am from Montreal, Quebec, speak Canadianese (eh?), French, passable German, and chicken, which sounds like a hard language to learn, but actually has a very small vocabulary, namely: Food, Food, Food.
"I have five children, one husband (my bread-making renaissance man), 2 cats and 4 chickens.  I love them, the gospel, friends, rainy days, distant thunder, sun-ripened tomatoes, paper, a good book, laying on grass, trees, camping, travel, photoshop and my iphone."

Okay, everyone, run around and meet these fantastic ladies!  Remember, we're being friendly, frisky followers!

Thanks for joining us here on Making Friends Monday.  If you'd like to play too, click here to learn the rules. 


Rachelle said...

How fun that I already knew 2 of these friendly ladies--Stephanie and Sue. It was fun to read more about them and I'll have to go "meet" Christina. :)

Glynis said...

It is always great to find new blogs to investigate. Thanks for the links, Tristi.

Michelle said...

What a great idea, Tristi! Thanks for sharing such a good way to 'meet' others with the same kind of thirst for more GOOD books!

Michelle Erickson (my next book, Klaus will be released Nov 1)

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