Monday, October 04, 2010

Making Friends Monday

Thank you for joining me as we celebrate another installment of Making Friends Monday!

Our first blogger is Angie, who blogs at Notes from the Writing Chair.  She's been blogging for about two years now, primarily about all things writing-related, with some book reviews thrown in for good measure.  You can read her short stories on her blog (that's reason enough to head straight over there).  The view from the chair is spectacular.  Her motto is, "Success flourishes only in perseverance - ceaseless, restless perseverance."  - The Red Baron

Angie is also an awesome supporter of the LDS writing community, coming out to events and participating in blog tours, etc.  She came out and saw me, Daron Fraley, and David West at our signing at Eborn Books in September, and won a whole basket of books. 

Next, let's meet Lori, who started blogging in 2005. On her main blog, Hearts and Hands,  she writes about her family, friends, and life as an emotional abuse survivor. Sometimes she sprinkles in a few recipes and photos. On her second blog, Forethought and Purpose,  she interviews authors, and sometimes readers, reviews books, and talks about overcoming fear and doubt in her journey to becoming an author. Links to her other blogs are listed in her profile. 

She is a 2010 debut novelist in the women’s fiction genre. Her first book, "My Gift to You," will be released later this month. She is currently working on a Young Adult novel.

A graphic designer and artist, she illustrated the award-winning children’s picture book "What Are You Thinking?" which was released in July. She loves crème Brule and has a secret passion for French fries—feeling they have less calories if they belong to someone else, she’s been known to sneak them from the plates of unsuspecting friends. She loves the crisp smells of fall, and the sweet aromas of nutmeg and vanilla. She is equally comfortable in high heels or cowboy boots and drives a Harley (truck). The wife of a firefighter, she is surrogate mother to two Siberian Huskies who pull a dogsled.

Lori is very talented both as a writer and an artist. In fact, she drew my darling little Ida Mae and ladies for me - go see them here

(Please forgive the smaller font here - Blogger hates me today.) Our last blogger for today is Tina Scott, who has been blogging for about a year at Totally Tina Scott.  I asked her what she likes to blog about.  "I’ve only been blogging for about a year. I still feel very new to it
and learn new things about blogging regularly. I’m totally awestruck by those of you who can manage more than one blog and still find time to write and have a life.

"My blog topics range from author interviews, book reviews, anything writing-associated that interests me, to recipes, family, and aging. I’ve been married for 34 years, have seven children (my youngest is 16), and I have five grandchildren. Some weeks I cook way more than I want to and other weeks I hardly cook anything at all. I’ve spent a good many years hosting Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas parties and I’m not afraid to try new recipes. Recipes that interest me are generally inexpensive, tasty to eat, and relatively uncomplicated to prepare.

"I love my family, writing novels, the outdoors, watercolor painting, cooking and photography. I don’t do sports, sing well, scrapbook or quilt. I’ve tried, but I just can’t get into cutting ten-dollar-a-yard fabric into small pieces and then sewing it back together. It must be the same with scrapbooking. I do enjoy and admire beautiful quilts that others have made, however." 

Thanks for joining me for Making Friends Monday.  I hope you'll all take the time to go visit these awesome ladies - they're great friends and you'll be blessed for getting to know them.  Don't forget to join us for next week's installment, and if you'd like to get in on the fun, follow the directions here. 


Angie said...

Thanks, Tristi. It was so fun coming to your signing. Winning the book basket just made it that much sweeter!

lotusgirl said...

Nice to meet you. I stopped over here from Angie's blog. One of the best parts about blogging is all the wonderful people I've met.

Angela said...

You have such a pretty blog.

Tina Scott, the writing artist said...

Making friends Monday was a lot of fun. I think that I messed up though by posting mine last week.

Tristi Pinkston said...

No messing up, Tina - it's okay that they weren't straight across from each other.

kbrebes said...

The drawings mentioned are wonderful!

Jackee said...

I love Angie and I love your Making Friends Monday! Now I'm off to learn more about Tina and Lori.

Thanks, Tristi!


Lori said...

Thanks, Tristi. What a fun idea! I've enjoyed meeting many new blogger friends.

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