Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Review: The Thorn by Daron D. Fraley

"The Thorn" by first-time author Daron D. Fraley is a unique look into a theology that is frequently overlooked - as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I've been taught that other worlds have been created that also house persons like ourselves, seeking to find our way back to our Heavenly Father. "The Thorn" takes place on one of these planets, a place known as Gan.

But while this theology was the jumping-off point for the premise, it's only a subtle part of the story and won't be a sticking point for someone who doesn't believe the idea. Rather, the book focuses on the action taking place on this world, which is a land of conflict as three tribes battle it out for the right to rule. The world is very similar to Earth, as it would have to be in order to support human life, and everything that takes place on it could easily have happened on our world. There are no magical devices or mystical occurances, and everything that takes place in a miraculous way is similar to something that happened on our world as documented in the Bible.

The descriptions in this book are its strength. Fraley is an excellent writer of description. He has also woven symbolism throughout - the theme of water occurs many times throughout the book, and in questioning him, he admits this was on purpose, to remind the reader of Christ as "The Living Water." As a sidenote, Fraley's short stories also feature water as a key part of the plot.

Readers who enjoy dramatization of scriptural stories and fiction set in those times will appreciate "The Thorn." You can purchase it here.

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Daron D. Fraley said...

Thanks for the great review, but more especially for setting up and managing my Virtual Book Tour! You are awesome!

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