Friday, November 20, 2009

Stolen Christmas ... An Anthology of Christmas Stories

It's almost Thanksgiving, and what better way could there be to celebrate Christmas than talking about a new Christmas story anthology? Some might argue that turkey consumption is the best way, but I disagree.

"Stolen Christmas" was put together by LDSPublisher, who holds a contest every year for the best Christmas short story. She gathered up the winners from the last few years and put them into this cute, sentimental, touching, humorous book, with stories from ...

* Roger Bonner
* Don Carey
* Laura Craner
* Joyce DiPastena
* Sarah M. Eden
* L.T. Elliot
* Gussie Fick
* Melanie Goldmund
* M. Gray
* Taegyn Hutchinson
* Angie Lofthouse
* Lori Nawyn
* Tristi Pinkston
* Brian C. Ricks
* Sandra Sorenson
* Janice Sperry
* Christine Thackeray

Did you notice my name on there? Yes, sir (or yes, ma'am, depending on your gender) I have a story in this book. "Arrows to Heaven" took the award two years ago, and I was downright tickled.

Pop on over and purchase your own copy of this charming book. It's perfectly priced for your yuletide gift-giving, and everyone on your list from grumpy Uncle Frank to your sweet little grandmother will love it. And so will your visiting teachers, your home teachers, your neighbors, your co-workers, your in-laws, your mailman, your paperboy ...


One Cluttered Brain said...

Tried to buy it but the site won't get past my shipping information. I am stuck. HELP me Tristi.:( Don Carey is in my writing group..and HE is in the book. Plus any story that has your story in it HAS to be good, right?

Angie said...

My name's on that list too! Yeehaw. It's so exciting.

L.T. Elliot said...

I ordered some copies today, myself! I'm very excited for it. =]

Sandra said...

I would ask if you knew how exciting it feels to see your name on the list, but you know. But to have your name on a list that includes Tristi Pinkston? I am so excited to have my story included in a book along with you!!

Oh, and you need to tell me what piece of jewelry you want or want me to make for you. If it is earrings, tell me the color if you don't see something already made.

LDS_Publisher said...

CreateSpace is a tad tricky. You have to set up a shipping profile. Then you have to go back and select that profile. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's them, not us.

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