Sunday, September 27, 2009

Code of Honor - Betsy Brannon Green

Savannah McLaughlin is not your typical mommy. She has a daughter whom she loves more than life itself, and she would be completely happy to spend her time reading bedtime stories and making peanut butter sandwiches, but this mommy hasn't been able to share these simple childhood traditions with her daughter - she's been too busy saving her from kidnappers and moving her from one safe house to another. The first two books of Betsy Brannon Green's series tell how Savannah became involved with mob boss Mario Ferrante and the dangerous games he plays to get what he wants, and now, in the third installment titled "Code of Honor," we see it all come to an end ... but who will be the victor?

Mario has always known how to pull Savannah's strings. By taking her daughter, he placed her in a situation of absolute desperation, and she became part of an elite military group, highly trained in weapons, technology, and tactics of stealth. When Mario takes Savannah herself, she uses her training to escape his clutches, but then the man she loves, Major Christopher Dane, is taken, and she must fight even harder to get him back. But perhaps even more difficult than fighting Mario is fighting her feelings for Dane - their pasts are so intertwined, their shared experiences such a mixture of good and bad, it's hard to know where her heart truly lies. The action is quick in this suspense novel that keeps you guessing from page to page, and the climax will catch you completely by surprise.

Betsy Brannon Green has been one of my favorite LDS authors since I read her first release, "Hearts in Hiding." She has a way of creating characters that seem real, and this series is no exception - you come away wishing that you, too, could be on an elite military squad and hang out with snipers - they're all so cool.

(This book was published in 2009 by Covenant Communications.)

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Anna said...

I loved this book and the series. Also, I have loved every book written by Betsy Brannon Green. She knows how to write mysteries that aren't all gore-y but are still full of action.

L.T. Elliot said...

Sadly, once I knew it was the end of a series, I couldn't read the synopsis. I haven't yet read the first two so I can't spoil it for myself. =] But I'll hop on it!

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