Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Forgotten Warrior Book Tour Comes to An End

For the past month, new LDS author Kathi Oram Peterson has been on virtual book tour, visiting sites all over the web with her book, "The Forgotten Warrior." After reading all the reviews, it's now my turn to share my thoughts on this breakout novel as the tour comes to a close.

Our main character is Syd, a girl who has really struggled in her life. Her father left the family years before, and her mother has had to support Syd and her mentally challenged sister Gracie by herself. She opened a karate dojo and Syd helps her out by teaching in the afternoons and also keeping an eye on Gracie, who has a kind and tender heart but isn't able to watch over herself. Syd feels the pressure of supporting her family and holding herself together, but at times, her resolve weakens.

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