Monday, February 09, 2009

The Mystic Cipher - Dennis L. Mangrum

Carver Nash, former military hero, wants to live a quiet life on his Marion, Utah, farm. He's ready to put his public life aside and just be a farmer. One day while digging post holes on his property, he uncovers a metal box, and just seconds later, is nearly shot by a sniper's bullet.

When his good friend and neighbor Rylan Edison sees the box, a whole mystery comes tumbling out. They now have evidence that the fabled Rhoades Mine, subject of much speculation about the lives of the early Saints, does in fact exist. Rylan is a historian and badly wants to locate the mine. Carver badly wants to keep the press off his land. They decide to solve the mystery quietly, with one exception - Rylan calls his daughter, Cass, to come help them out.

Click here to read more, and an interview with the author.


Shari said...

Oooooo, sounds interesting!

Melanie Goldmund said...

This sounds intriguing. Thanks for mentioning it! :-)

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