Friday, February 20, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

Journey to the Center of the Earth” looked fun, but when the DVD came from Netflix, it sat on top of my desk for almost two weeks before I watched it. When I finally did put it in, I wondered why I’d waited for so long. I loved it!

Trevor Anderson’s brother Max disappeared years ago while investigating seismic activity in Iceland. No one knew what really happened to him, and Trevor has continued his brother’s work in his memory but also to try to solve the mystery of the disappearance. When his sister-in-law brings his nephew, Sean, for a visit, she also brings a box of things for Trevor. Max’s copy of the novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was in the box, and as Trevor flips it open, he sees notes written in the margins. Max believed the book wasn’t just a fantasy, but rather, the recounting of a true story.

Energized in his search, Trevor decides to go to Iceland. The seismic readings are just the same as they were when Max disappeared, and Trevor doesn’t want to let this opportunity pass him by. In charge of his nephew, he takes Sean along, never realizing that they, too, will end up trapped in the center of the earth.

This movie was fascinating. It had moments of peril as Sean is chased by a dinosaur, their guide is nearly eaten by a carnivorous plant, and they are blown out of a volcano. However, none of these scenes were frightening, per se, but rather, exciting. The language was clean and there was no sex—rather surprising.

Because of the peril mentioned above, I wouldn’t recommend showing the film to young children. But you can watch it with your children ages ten and up—pop some popcorn and have a fun family movie night together.

This film was rated PG.

Mini Reviews:

Second Chorus (1940) – this is a lesser-known Fred Astaire film, and frankly, it’s okay with me that it’s lesser-known. Artie Shaw and his orchestra are the only thing that save the movie from being completely forgettable. We aren’t even treated to very much dancing. If you miss this one, it’s not going to be a big regret in your life.

Chariots of Fire (1981) – my mother told me once that this was the most boring movie she’d ever seen. As it’s considered a modern classic, I decided to give it a whirl. It’s the true story of two men competing in the 1924 Olympics and their personal struggles and triumphs along the way. The problem with the film wasn’t so much that it was boring—it was actually pretty fascinating to see what made these runners tick and how their beliefs shaped their outcomes. I think the problem lay in the editing. There were a lot of unnecessary scenes and a lot of useless dialogue. If a good film editor had gone through and weeded out those things that didn’t lend to plot or characterization, the movie would have been more enjoyable. That said, I do think it’s worth your time. The message is important and I have thought back on it since viewing it.

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Anna Maria Junus said...

I enjoyed the movie too. At the time I saw it, it was at our "cheap" theater and I saw The Mummy 3 just before. Can't go wrong with back to back Brendan Fraser.

Nichole Giles said...

You think it's sad you waited two weeks? I've had this movie uploaded to my iPod for a month and haven't taken the time to watch it yet. I really do want to, though.

But I have a good reason. I'm trying to focus on finishing my manuscript so I can resume bringing pages of it to critique...

Aren't you proud?


Lori said...

Tristi, thanks for the post. We love Journey to the Center of the Earth! Good clean fun.


Cheri J. Crane said...

I've wanted to see this movie and haven't yet. Now I'll make it a point to do so. ;) Thanks for the review, Tristi.

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