Friday, January 09, 2009

The Importance of a Good Vacuum

I’ve never had particularly expensive tastes. I’m more of a “do it simply” kind of girl. When it comes to household appliances, I tend to get whatever’s on sale and make do. But when it comes to vacuum cleaners, I’ve changed my tune.

You see, I have really thick hair and I shed, a lot. My daughter inherited my genes and so there are two of us shedding all over the house. We have clogged more vacuums on more occasions than you can shake a hair follicle at. My husband’s regular chores include unclogging the vacuum.

Over the years since we established our household, we’ve gone through several vacuums of lesser quality. It seems this machines only work for six months or so before giving up the ghost entirely, and I’ve become frustrated with never having a floor I felt was really clean.

This last Thanksgiving weekend, all that changed. I asked my husband to get me a new vacuum for Christmas, but I wanted my present early. He agreed, and we headed off to the store.

Meet my Christmas present. It’s an Infinity, and it’s guaranteed never to lose suction. It features much of the same technology as a Dyson, but it’s about $250.00 less. We brought it home, plugged it in, and I’ve been a happy camper ever since.

I knew I would be pleased, having a vacuum that didn’t clog every thirty seconds. But there have been other benefits I didn’t anticipate.

The air in our home is cleaner. Each time we step, we release dust into the air from the carpet, and if you have a good vacuum, that dust is greatly minimized.

We have fewer airborne allergies. I didn’t know we had them until they were reduced, but we’re all feeling a lot better.

The carpet looks … perkier. I know that’s a strange word to apply to a carpet, but it’s true. It’s rejuvenated and looks fluffier.

The texture feels better under our feet, not quite like new, but certainly newer than it felt before.

The overall atmosphere in the home is better, just having that extra level of cleanliness.

I used to think that a vacuum was a vacuum was a vacuum. Well, I was wrong, wrong, wrong. Having a powerful, effective vacuum really will make all the difference, as opposed to a semi-effective vacuum. It’s not just about picking up dirt. It’s about getting the dirt from way beneath, cleaning the air, and making the whole environment seem lighter.

There are many awesome vacuums on the market to choose from. I mention the Infinity because it’s the one I purchased, but head to your local store and check out all the brands. You’re sure to find something that fills the needs of your family.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally agree! I used to have an old 70-something Hoover that I got at a second hand store. It was the best vacuum I ever had. New, fancier vacuums have never come close to how well that old monster worked.

Lee Ann Setzer said...

We got a piece-of-junk vac for our wedding. When I took it to the vacuum store to get it fixed, the owner provided me a free service--tossing it in his dumpster. I bought a 15-year-old Electrolux. It's lasted 10 years, and I expect to leave it to my children in my will. Our carpet will never be perky again, but at least it's clean!

Jen said...

Oh the joys of a good vacuum!

Sandra said...

I love my Dyson. In this case, you get what you pay for and I will never go back to the throw-away cheap vacuums. I am glad your family is feeling better since you are now getting rid of all those nasty dusty germs.

Cindy Beck said...

You know what they say about vacuums ... they all suck! :) But apparently some suck better than others.

Thanks for the great info.

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