Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whitney Award Auction

Last March, something amazing happened. The best LDS authors in the business came together to receive recognition for their hard work and accomplishments at the first annual Whitney Awards ceremony. It was an incredible evening and I was so impressed by the work that went in to creating this award, carrying off the program, advertising, finding the judges, reading all the nominees ... this was truly a huge undertaking and the Whitney Awards committee deserves a standing ovation for all they put into it.

I'm a strong advocate for literacy and for promoting the cause of LDS fiction. This genre has gotten stronger and stronger over the years and I'm thrilled to see new authors with powerful voices emerge, as well as seeing already established authors continue to hone their skills. This is an exciting time for LDS fiction.

The Whitney Awards seek to honor those authors who have gone beyond the mark, who have created stories of worth and presented them in a way that is appealing to the reader. These books are nominated by the average Joe, then read by the Whitney judges. The five most outstanding books in each category are then presented as finalists, and bookstores, publishers, and authors all over the nation are invited to cast their ballot.

This year, the committee has come up with a great way for us to show our support to the program. An auction is being held to raise the needed funds, and there are some pretty cool items available. You can click here to check it out. New items are being added regularly, so I recommend coming back to the site often so you don't miss anything you'd really like.

I throw my support fully behind this amazing organization and I encourage you to visit the auction site and help raise the funds needed to keep this program going. It's time these awesome authors got the recognition they deserve for their diligence to providing us quality reading material.

You can learn more about the Whitneys by clicking here.

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Josi said...

You're the bomb for posting this, and have you seen the cool stuff they are selling? I'm so excited to see how the auction does, Kerry Blair has done an amazing job.

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