Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet the Robinsons (2007)

Lewis is a brilliant boy who spends his time inventing things. His latest creation is a memory scanner. He hopes to use it to retrieve a memory of his mother and to find out why she left him at the orphanage when he was just a baby. He’s been there ever since, and no one wants to adopt him—his imaginative projects are just a little too much for most people to accept, and he’s beginning to fear that no one will ever want him. If he can remember his mother, maybe he can track her down, and she’ll take him back. Then he’d have the family he’s always wanted.

But when his memory scanner display at the school science fair goes awry, he runs in shame. Why do things always turn out this way? Why can’t he be successful, just once? Frustrated, he begins to tear up the plans for his inventions, only to be stopped a boy named Wilbur who claims he’s from the future, and wants Lewis to return to the fair and continue his work with the scanner. Lewis is reluctant to believe Wilbur, but goes with him on a ride to the future in his time machine to prove his story is real.

Lewis finds himself enchanted by Wilbur’s family, the Robinsons. They’re a little off the wall, but they each spend their time exploring their talents and doing the things that make them happy, and they accept Lewis as one of their own. When they invite him to live with them, he believes all his dreams have come true, but if he stays, it will mess up the space/time continuum. Lewis has to finish his work in his own time or the Robinsons will not be the Robinsons in the future.

Combating the Man in the Bowler Hat who wants to claim Lewis’s memory scanner as his own, Wilber and Lewis find a way to set things back to rights, and in the end, they all get what they most dearly want.

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, and so did my husband and children. There were moments of comedy throughout that offset the scenes of mild peril that might be a little much for a very young or very sensitive viewer, but your older children will love the film. I particularly liked the reference to Tom Selleck.

This film was rated G.

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Anna said...

We occasionally buy movies that we haven't seen, thinking that we would probably like it. This was one of them.

Our family really liked this one. My 4 year old was actually into this one and watched the whole thing. There was a few "scary" moments for him. But he is starting to understand the difference between real/pretend.

A very cute show worth watching/owning.

Rukia said...

loved the movie! We didn't see it in theater, but bought the DVD when it came out, and was completely satisfied. One of those "safe" shows for the whole family... and cute characters too. ;)

Keeley said...

We LOVED this film. I wish the ending was a little different, but overall it was fantabulous.

We loved this film so much I set up a movie night and we invited all the youth over to watch it. I had a house very full. It was so much fun. =)

Tom Selleck did the voice of the Dad...once I knew that the reference to Wilbur's Dad looking like him was all the funnier. =D

We fast forward through the scary bit in the film when Andrew's around.

Luisa Perkins said...

We love this movie!

Shellie said...

Sounds delightful! We haven't seen it yet.

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