Sunday, July 06, 2008

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Friday was not only the 4th, it was my daughter's birthday. We went to the Family Fun Center and had fun bouncing on all their big inflatable toys.

I did not bounce, but I observed while others bounced.

After about a half hour (we had a full hour, but really, who can jump around for a full hour?) we went over to the arcade area and I played skee ball, which is one of my favorites, and then I made a mistake. A tragic mistake. A crucial mistake. A mistake I am paying for at this very moment, more than 48 hours later.

I challenged my husband to Dance, Dance Revolution.

I trounced him the first round. I mean, by a couple of tens of thousands, that's how much I trounced him. But then there were two more rounds, and I realized something.

Persons who have to be nice to their feet and who have had bones in said feet go out of alignment on a regular basis should not play Dance, Dance Revolution, even when they are trouncing their husbands by tens of thousands.

I threw the last two rounds and then it was time to go home, and I did indeed throw the bones in my right foot out of alignment and can barely walk.

And all this happened on a holiday weekend, and my chiropractor has been out of his office, and even though he has an emergency number to call, he hasn't returned my message.

So I'm lame until tomorrow morning at which time I'm showing up at his door without an appointment.

I'm such a rebel.

But I do have to say, it was really fun to trounce my husband by tens of thousands of points.

And no, I didn't get a picture of us playing. That would just be . . . sad.


Kimberly said...

Oh ouchie! So sorry, Tristi. But good for you for being a rebel!

Annette Lyon said...


Pink Ink said...

Oh Tristi! I think that's awesome you did that! Knowing you, I could already see the competitive glint going as you trounced your husband. Too bad there are no pics for evidence :-) That said, I am sorry about your feet. I guess you could say they no longer are "Happy Feet," eh...?

Jen said...

Ow! I have weird feet, so maybe I shouldn't risk it.

I've never played DDR, but the 5th graders at the middle school where I did testing had serious fun doing that for PE. They went ALL out with the competition.

Dan and Wendy said...

I hope that you're feeling better soon.

I hate when life reminds me that I'm not 18 anymore.

Weston Elliott said...

What's that old saying - "Glory without pain is meaningless". Okay, I just made that up, but hey, it sounds good to me! You go girl! I'm such a klutz I've been afraid to try that game.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Oh my, Tristi! You poor thing. And you were doing so well, too. :)

But hey, look at it this way - this is a great excuse to lay on the bed, feet all nice and cozy on a pillow, read a book, & not feel guilty about the laundry piling up. If you're really lucky, Matt will cook, too.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

BTW - love the white bird. What is it? A Peacock??

Shellie said...

My kids love those bouncy places. Sorry about the foot! It sounds like it was kinda worth it though!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Well, at the time it was worth it. But when I went to the chiropractor this morning and he put the bone back in and it really hurt and I cried, no, not so worth it. Of course, I didn't go into it saying, "I think I'll throw out a bone in my foot," but I really should be more careful with myself as a general rule.

And it is indeed a peacock -- a rare albino peacock. Gorgeous, huh?

G. Parker said...

That's such a pain!! (no, really? Sarcasm drippeth!) sigh... We've been wanting to get that for our Wii. I think I could probably trounce my hubby too, grin. Good job! Sorry about the foot! Have you gotten it taken care of yet? And that photo on your blog is amazing!!

Stacy G. Anderson said...

I love how you change things up!

I bet watching all those 'Dancing with the Stars' episodes helped with the footwork too although the back sounds like its regretting the day you turned on the TV...;-)


Tiffany said...

Your books look really good, I'm going to have to add them to my seriously long book wish list. I'm addicted to books. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Mirella Patzer said...

Hi Tristi,

Looks like fun. Wish I was there!

Just wanted to let you know you're being featured on Author Cookies this next week or so.
Your grandma Clark's cookies look fabulous, especially because they're made with sour cream. I can't wait to try them.

violetlady said...

Hi, Tristi,

What is Dance Revolution?? I am in the dark.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey VioletLady,

Dance, Dance Revolution is an arcade game that has a touch pad on the floor and a big screen. You stand on the pad, and as music plays, you see arrows that tell you which side you should step to. You've got to hit the spot on the floor right when the arrow says in order to get points. It's pretty fun but it's definitely a workout.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Oh that sounds painfully fun! I hope your feet willbe better soon.

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