Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank You, Soldiers!

I've always appreciated what our soldiers have done for us, but it wasn't until I became a historical fiction author and began to research war that I understood the fear, anxiety, stress, danger, and downright terror our troops are sometimes called on to endure. Even during times of peace, they deal with homesickness, illness, and cultures that might be hard to understand. How grateful I am that these brave men and women are willing to leave home and family and put themselves in harm's way to keep us safe.

Tonight I had the chance to do a little something to say "thank you" to our soldiers in Iraq. Author Julie Coulter Bellon, in conjunction with the release of her new book "All's Fair," came up with a great way we can all contribute to our men and women in uniform. From now until July 19th, when you go into any Seagull Book along the Wasatch front and donate wrapped candy and/or paperback books, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of Julie's books. I dropped off a sack of books I thought the troops might enjoy, and it made me feel so good to think that I did something that might lighten a soldier's day. Julie will be shipping all donated goods over to Iraq for distribution amongst the troops there. You can learn more about this charity drive and get a list of suggested items to donate at Julie's website.

So, why are you sitting there reading blogs? Go clean off your bookshelf, raid your kids' candy stash, and head in to Seagull right now!


Pink Ink said...

What a great idea!

violetlady said...

Tristi, I have given you an award. Congratulations - stop by my blog to get it.
I think I heard something about this at my local thrift shop. Somebody was in there buying books and said they wouldn't accept paperbacks to ship. He may have been talking about the same project.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Thanks for the award, Violetlady!

I'm pretty sure it's a different store -- the only store participating is Seagull here in Utah and paperbacks are accepted.

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