Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oops - I Did It Again

Yes, I started a new blog. It's a compulsion. I admit it.

My new blog is called "Blessed Honored Pioneers," and I set it up to tell the story of the Hole in the Rock pioneers. I'm hoping to gather stories and pictures from other Hole in the Rock descendents and make this site really amazing. I've just got the skeleton up right now, but you can go check it out and see what you think.

If you have Hole in the Rock ancestors, leave me a comment and I'll come talk to you about them -- I'd love to include them on the new blog.


Queen of Chaos said...

You're so funny, Tristi! But this is a way cool blog to start up.

I wish I were a "Hole in the Rock decendent" {that sounds morbid, huh?} so I could add something to it. Oh, well. I can't grace evry blog out there! hehe

I'm envious that you have a support group you meet with what - weekly? That's pretty darn cool! And I'm especially envious you had a Dutch Oven meal made by Fisher- ooohhh sounds so delicious. I love D.O. cooked food too.

Sorry you have to give up Scentiments! At least it's not your integrity? haha {sorry- dumb joke} I know what you mean when we have to cut back sometimes in areas of our life to be better women. I'm proud of you that you had the courage to do so! It takes guts and strength to cut off something that you've put so much time and love into.

And to answer your question you left on my blog about us moving to Utah. At this point- no. Warren is training up there for now and will be returning here to start a new branch of the company. If we don't succeed as we hope- then yes we will most likely end up moving to Utah. {Now I don't need you getting a voodoo doll of Warren so that when he tries his hand here in Phoenix he will fail!}

Karlene said...

Cool! I think that's a great idea and you'll never hear a word from me about having too many blogs.

Jennie said...

Tristi, I know you're getting lots of reviews on lots of blogs, but are you going to send me a review copy?

Tristi Pinkston said...

I would love to, Jennie -- I sent you an e-mail about it a while back but I think it must have landed in your spam box. I've been doing that a lot lately. I'll just put one in the mail.

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