Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dancing with Idols

Here's the Tristi Recap:

Mario and Karina are goners on Dancing with the Stars, and I found I didn't care much. I really got involved with Cristian and Cheryl last night -- he couldn't use his arm so they did all their dances using his other arm, and that extra attention to detail really paid off for them. He did some incredible lifts with that one arm, and they were the leaders ending the round. Tonight when they were proclaimed safe, I really cheered -- that kind of dedication and determination deserve to be rewarded.

American Idol was also tonight, and I spent my time flipping back and forth between the channels. Shame on them to put the two shows across from each other tonight! Here's my thoughts:

I didn't think David Cook did a bad job with "Hungry like a Wolf." Simon really got on his case, but I enjoyed the performance. I did like his second one better, but I don't think he deserved the criticism he got for "Wolf."

You know, David Archuletta's song choice perplexes me. Tonight he did "Stand by Me" and "Love Me Tender," and when he started both of them, I thought, "Oh, no, this is going to be terrible." Yet, both times, I was really surprised at how he changed it up just enough to keep it interesting. It was a good night for him.

Syesha did a good job. I wasn't blown away, but it was a good job.

Will someone please vote Jason off? Please? I'm begging you. It was sad. I like the kid but he should be singing pleasant little happy songs at his friends' houses while they lounge around chatting. He's not an American Idol. I would really appreciate it if y'all could please vote. him. off. I will say this in his defense, though -- Simon really got on his case and I thought it was a bit over the top. Sure, he didn't do a good job, but he didn't deserve that kind of tongue-lashing.

I don't know if Jason leaving is a prediction or a wish. I'll let you decide. But he's my guess to go.


Tamra Norton said...

Amen, and amen to everything you've said here! And wasn't it fun watching some of the former dancers from DWTS tonight?!

Karlene said...

I predict Jason is out of there.

I've always found David A. a little boring and I'm not an Elvis fan (Please, don't hurt me) but when he sang that song I was speechless. I'd buy that song today! I thought it was wonderful.

I really liked Syesha too, thought she did better than David C. But I think it will be the two Davids in the end with Cook winning, but just barely.

Annette Lyon said...

If there is any justice in the world, the final two will be the Davids. But I'm afraid that Jason's spastic fan base will vote like crazy to keep him in and then fans of either David might assume they're safe and NOT vote . . . and then we'd end up with a situation like last year, where Melinda was voted off because everyone assumed she was safe and instead voted for Jordyn or Blake to keep their *other* favorite in the game.

Jason was horrid. I think he deserved the lashing he got. He has sailed by week after week with bad performances and doesn't seem to take the show seriously. He lacks respect for the process, so I think he should be kicked out the door.

RobisonWells said...

I really like to hope that Syesha might gain some momentum here and make it in the top two. But part of that is because I just keep hoping that Davey will go next week.

Unlike Karlene, I don't think Davey has sung a single song I was the least bit interested in hearing again, let alone buying. (Admittedly, he's a very talented kid, and he's been the most consistent singer. But...blah.)

RobisonWells said...

Tristi, your comment moderation is annoying me.

Tristi Pinkston said...

You say that like it's mine personally, Rob!

I don't much care for it either, but I'd rather moderate than run the risk of my readers seeing some of the nasty stuff I started getting. We're a family blog, you know -- if anyone's going to swear, it's going to be me.

Jen said...

Good riddance to Jason!

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