Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LDStorymakers Writers Conference and Whitney Awards

My brains are finally starting to settle back in my head after a wild and wooly weekend. Let me just say, if you weren't at the conference, you really missed out on a fabulous thing.

Candace Salima and I ran Boot Camp both mornings, which is a hands-on writers workshop. Then we had classes all day, with great speakers, great meals, and great fun. Teamed together again, Candace and I taught a class on blogging and promotion. I loved seeing old friends again and creating new. This time of year is my favorite in all the world.

Some highlights . . .

Me with Autumn Ables

Me with Don Carey

Good friends Shari and Karen

Every year, I come away from the conference ready to hit the computer again. It fills me up and gets me revved for whatever life has to offer next.

Sometimes, life offers the opportunity to don a costume . . .

I was the Easter Bunny this year. (Someone had to do it . . . why not me?) Photo courtesy of Karlene.
Here's an even better picture of the Bunny, courtesy of Don

After the conference festivities came to an end, we got ready for the Whitney Award Gala Dinner. I had the fun of being a live blogger -- we kept up a running commentary the entire evening. You can check it out here.

Then, wonder of wonders and miracle of miracles, I got to meet Shannon Hale. Here's proof:

Yes, this would be me with Shannon Hale. (Did I mention this is Shannon Hale?)

I also got to see my favorite Kerry Blair. Here she is with Candace:

And here she is with me:

I know I'm not giving the weekend justice -- it's all still swirling around in my head -- so here are some links to what others thought about the conference. Enjoy!

Candace Salima

Don Carey

Karlene Browning

Michele Paige Holmes

Annette Lyon

Heather Moore

Julie Wright

Josi Kilpack


Julie Wright said...

love the bunny picture! it was a great weekend wasn't it? As always, it is great to see you!

Heather B. Moore said...

It was so great to see everyone! Great pictures!

Karlene said...

It really was fun. Thanks for your help in making it wonderful.

I bought your book at the conference but forgot to have you sign it. So when I see you next month, have your pen ready... :)

Shellie said...

Sounds fun and you were a delightful bunny!

Kerry Blair said...

Okay, LOVE the bunny! In fact, I just stole it. Look for it to pop up elsewhere soon . . .

The Whitneys were wonderful. I loved every book -- and every author -- who won! But just when I thought nothing would ever be better than presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dean Hughes, I found your new book in my hand. I can't remember ever being more touched.

Thank you! When/if my mind ever stops whirling, it's first on my reading list!

Jen said...

You make an adorable bunny.

Luisa Perkins said...

SO FUN! I really hope I can be there next year.

Framed said...

Shannon who?

Framed said...

Ok, so that last comment was my jealous side rearing its ugly head.
You do make a cute bunny. And the conference looked like fun. Too bad I can't write.

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