Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol, Again

So, when Rob challenged me to not only comment on my favorite contestants but to predict who would be going home, I immediately felt intimidated. Rob's got a really good track record with this kind of thing. He somehow plugs his brain in to that of America -- it's kind of freaky, but cool. I took his challenge (with some trepidation) and I now proceed with my thoughts.

My favorite of the night was David Archuletta. Not just because he's Mormon and not just because he's a cutey, but he really did a great job tonight.

In my #2 slot was David Cook. I don't care of Simon does think he's getting predictable -- I can predict that I'll enjoy what he does. He's amazing.

Michael Johns sits at #3. Rob thinks he's going to be a goner, but there's one thing I don't know if Rob notices, being a guy, but Michael is seriously hot, and all the women in America are smitten with him. We're not going to lose him for a while, if ever. Tonight wasn't his best performance, but even at that, I love his voice.

Carly Smithson was #4 for me. She's awesome. Her voice is true, no matter what she does with it.

Brooke -- Brooke struggled tonight. I love her voice and that didn't change, but she was more pitchy than she's ever been and it was just really awkward. Still love her, though.

Next I would have to say Syesha. I know the judges were just lovin' it, but her runs were a little shrill for me.

Amanda probably did what she did well, but I'm not a fan of hard rock. Plus, it's all starting to sound the same to me. She could have performed the same song every week so far, and I wouldn't know the difference.

Tonight was rough for Jason. He had the whole "trying to learn French" thing, and that part was all right, but Paula had a good point where she said the song was starting to sound like a polka. It was very polka-like. I really enjoy Jason's singing -- I hope he gets a chance to redeem himself.

Kristy Lee did a little better this week but I still didn't like it.

Chikeze -- well, I don't know what that even was. I'm hard put to make a comment on something when I can't even tell you what it was.

Ramiele -- she's the cutest girl and she has a nice voice, but it just didn't come out tonight.

There's my listing, in order. And without checking Rob's blog to see what he said, or if he has said anything yet, I think that it will either be Chikeze or Ramiele to go tomorrow night. Probably Ramiele.

Oh, and just 'cause I want you to know this, I had no idea David Hernandez worked as a gay stripper until everyone was talking about it after he left the show. I don't watch the news very often . . .

Elimination Night: Wow. I was not expecting Carly to be in the bottom three tonight. Sure, the song wasn't her usual thing, but she did it so well. I just don't understand what America was thinking. She was proclaimed safe, however, and we went down to two remaining, Kristy and Amanda. In the end, Amanda went home. I can't say I'm disappointed -- the girl gave me a headache every week. I am disappointed, though, that my prediction didn't come to pass. However, I am somewhat vindicated -- Rob's didn't come to pass, either.


Su said...

I agree with your top 2, but then Carly slides into the 3rd spot. There sure is a lot of diversity this season! I didn't get to see Kristy Lee's performance, but from the recap at the end of the show, I think she should be next to go. She seems the most cookie-cutter like performer IMHO. I also missed Amanda's performance, but I thought the recap on her was a total mess. Oddly, this year I find I'm flabberghasted with a lot of the stuff Simon is impressed with! And can someone please limit Paula's wordcount during her commentary??? lol Fun to follow your Idol opinions! ~S

RobisonWells said...

Okay, so I posted my thoughts. I pretty much agree with your predictions. Kristy is pretty much a lock to go this week.

What I don't agree with are your assessments. Seriously, how could you watch last night and still put Michael at #3? (And I addressed your "He's cute" ideas on my blog.)

And you might be right about Chikezie in the bottom three. I hope he's not, but that's just because I think he's a nice guy, not because he's a good singer.

Tristi Pinkston said...

It's like I'm tellin' ya, Rob, there's a difference between ranking who I personally like and predicting who will go. I like Michael. That's just how it is.

Holly said...

I think your poll question is flawed. You shouldn't ask if people think he's attractive--you should ask for an attractiveness ranking between him and the other heartthrobs. I don't deny that he's a fine looking specimen of dreamy manhood, but I do think that he's not the favorite. If people are voting with the mindset of "I'm going to vote for the cute one", Michael is likely not their first choice.

But, I understand, you're not picking winners--just saying who you like.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Holly, I'm just seeking an opinion on him personally. If I did a poll on who was the best-looking, that would be cool, but not really the information I'm after, since I want opinions on him as an individual.

So . . . who do you think is the hunkiest? I'm still with Michael on that one . . .

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