Saturday, January 12, 2008

Interview with Globe Radio

Yesterday morning, my husband and I got up early and drove up to Salt Lake Community College to meet up with Busdriver Fred and his wife W. P. (aka Wendy) to be interviewed for Globe Radio. Apparently gremlins got into the system and messed up the universal power supply, because everything was down when we got there. With the help of two building maintenance men, Fred was able to record the interview, but we weren't live. He apologized, but you know -- I'm actually glad it wasn't live because when it's taped, you can go in and edit it. He promised to take out anything I said that sounded dumb.

I've never been on the radio before and in fact, I don't care for the way my voice sounds when recorded. So I'm going to trust that Fred made me sound marvelous.

Here are some shots:

Matt, me, and Fred

Wendy, me, and Fred

I'll post the link to the interview here as soon as I get it.

This was also the maiden voyage of my new digital camera. These are the first pictures I've uploaded and posted. I made Matt install the software and do a trial run, and then I practiced. It's pretty easy!


Weston Elliott said...

Tristi, it was an absolute treat to have you come to the studio to do an interview! There aren't many things I'd get up that early in the morning for, but I looked forward to your visit for weeks!

Isn't it strange that we don't like the sound of our own voices on tape? I can't stand the way I sound when I'm recorded - that's why I can't use a recorder to take notes on story ideas. They always sound stupid when I hear myself say them. So you are not alone in that department. Good thing we're not singers, eh?

carrie & troy keiser said...

I think many people have that same dislike for the sound of thier voice, I know I do! Looking forward to reading/listening to your interview.

Autumn Ables said...

Very cool, Tristi!

What was the interview about?(Books/Writing I'm sure...but details would be nice :)

~paulette said...

One word:


i'm so shy, i think i would totally pass out with any sort of interview. EEK!

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