Thursday, January 24, 2008

Internet Promotion, a Review, and the Whitney Awards (Oh, my!)

I read LDSPublisher regularly. Today she was talking about the importance of being a presence on the Internet and how a potential reader/publisher should be able to find you immediately by doing a search. One of the nice things about having such an unusual name is that when I put "Tristi Pinkston" into an Internet search, I come right up. Are you establishing your web presence so that when a reader wants to see what you're written, they can find you? Read LDSPublisher's blog about that -- she'll steer you toward some great ways to become more findable.

While taking LDSP's challenge to Google my name, I saw a review listed that I hadn't known was up. Framed over at Framed and Booked made my day with this great review. I read her regularly as well but haven't made it over for a few days, so seeing this review on the Google list was a great surprise.

Last but not least, the Whitney Awards finalists have been named. This is such a great thing for the LDS market -- I can only imagine the positive impact this will have and I predict that as more and more authors strive to produce Whitney-quality literature, the voting process is going to get more difficult because all the books will be so good. If you'd like to check out the finalists, see how you can participate, or learn anything else about the Whitneys, click here. I'm on the Academy and get to cast my vote, so I've been reading as many of the nominees as I can get my hands on. I'll post links to the reviews I do so you can see what I thought.

So far, I've reviewed:

Book of a Thousand Days

The Operative

Counting Stars

Sheep's Clothing

Spires of Stone

Land of Inheritance


My reviews don't give away who I think should win -- I want people to make up their own minds and not be influenced by me. I'll keep posting reviews as I get all the nominees read.


Anne Bradshaw said...

Way to go, Tristi--review, reviews and all!

You deserve a Thursday laugh. Check out my blog today and grab a writerly giggle :-)

Kimberly said...

I just did a search for my name - I'm accidentally doing something right apparently because up I popped!

I loved Spires of Stone and Sheep's Clothing (I cried a lot, reading that one). Can't wait to get south of the border again so I can stock up on some more LDS fiction. Alas, not much available up here.

Tristi Pinkston said...

You can get a lot of LDS fiction on Amazon, Kimberly -- shipping might be a little more for Canada, but it beats having to wait until your next trip down.

Josi said...

Yeah, I LOVE having an unusual name, well unless I get a bad review, then I wish there was another josi Kilpack to mock.

Autumn Ables said...

I think it's cool that you can review something and it matters what YOU think. That means you've made it 'big'. :)

I have to admit- Autumn Ables is a rather unique name and it's not out there. I like my has a ring to it. And I agree with Josi...yes it's cool to have a unique name until it's slammed- then it's not so cool anymore! HA!

Karlene said...

I hadn't googled me in a while. I was surprised to see how many times I came up in the first three pages.

Then I googled the pen name I've always planned to use. No one uses that name. Cool!

Rebecca Talley said...

Great review for your book, Tristi. Woo hoo, good for you!!

Thanks for posting your reviews--you do a great job reviewing books. I don't envy your job of trying to pick winners for the Whitneys. That'd be really hard.

I'm hoping to read all the books posted at LDSPublisher's new blog, LDSFiction.

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