Friday, September 28, 2007

Literacy Fireside and Frisky Children (or, why I didn't post last night)

Last night I had the opportunity to go out to Eagle Mountain and present at a literacy fireside for a ward out there along with fellow authors Rachel Ann Nunes, Annette Lyon, Julie Wright, and Heather Moore. I take these opportunities wherever I find them because I truly believe in the importance of literacy and I love to share those feelings with as many people as I can. I also love to talk, and to talk about myself especially, so it's all good.

We had a great time and, getting lost in the wilds of Eagle Mountain notwithstanding, counted it as a really fun evening. We didn't get out of there until 10:00 -- I guess we were wildly popular, and there's nothing wrong with that at all -- and I didn't get home until 10:45.

At which time I was greeted by my mother, who told me that my ordinarily angelic six-year-old had decided to turn into the playground bully and had been put to bed early. He was still awake and I had a nice long talk with him.

By the time everyone was in bed and the grandma had been sent home, I was totally pooped beyond measure and went to bed.

So -- my writing total for yesterday was:

Annette, on the other hand, took her laptop along last night and finished her word count while we drove. Way cool.

Here's hoping for a better day today -- and thanks, everyone, who checked in last night.


Don said...

Week 3, Day 4
30 minutes
451 words

It sounds like you had a productive and enjoyable evening. You've had some pretty good days, too, so I imagine the average is looking OK.

Josi said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a show stopper! Bummer on the word count, however, today is anew day and you got an extra 200+ the day before, right?

Traci Hunter Abramson said...

Hey Tristi-
We got the exact same word count yesterday! Imagine that! I am still in edit mode, but yesterday I just had to take a day off and let the last of my editing projects sit on a shelf to meditate for a while. Today I'm considering let it come out again, but only if it promises to behave!
Hope everyone else is having a great time building up their word counts. I can't wait to see what great stories emerge out of this challenge!

Jaime Theler said...

Oh Tristi, I'm so glad you got the same word count as me for Thursday. Yep, a whopping ZERO. But, you know, life happens. At least, that's what I keep telling myself on days like that.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I would have given anything to be at such a jam packed Literacy Fireside!

Lee Ann said...

"Pooped beyond measure" is a great phrase.

Karlene said...

I got one word for Friday. :)

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