Monday, September 10, 2007

BIAM Update

We've just been joined by Jaime and Michelle (welcome aboard!) and that brings our numbers up to 19. Wow -- that's pretty impressive!

Many of you are starting this morning -- way to go!! I'm excited to hear how much you've gotten done. I won't be able to really sink my teeth in until around ten o'clock at night, so I'll be posting my daily counts reallllly late. It doesn't matter what time you write, just write!


Traci said...

I just have to say, I really hate first chapters. Yes, it's true. I write them, and rewrite them, and then often end up throwing them away. Oh, well. I managed to get about 1200 words today which is about half of what I would have liked. The good news is that all of my main characters have names. Believe me, this is a major event for me. I can spend HOURS trying to come up with names. Thankfully as I was beginning to ponder the last name of one of my main characters, my sister called needing some advice. Eager for the distraction, I answered the phone and then begged her to give me a name. Well, she gave me several and I finally found one I think I can live with. Maybe now I'll be able to get through that intimidating first chapter by tomorrow night!

G. Parker said...

I would have joined you, but I'm already doing the BIAM at Latterday Great job!

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