Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tristi's List of Read Books

Someone once challenged me to prove that I really read as many books as I claim I do. I started keeping a list, and . . . now I've forgotten who challenged me. In your face, whoever you are!

As I began the list on July 29th, 2005, I have a yearly list from July 2005 to July 2006, and another from July 2006 to July 2007. I'm hereby posting my most recent list and, in another week or two, will post the first list, just in case you're interested.

If there's a link, it's to the review I posted on Happy browsing!

1. Captain Matrimony Smith
2. All is Swell: Trust in Thelma’s Way Smith
3. Just Ella Haddix
4. All That Matters Goldstein
5. Wake Me When It’s Over Wells
6. Wings of Refuge Austin
7. The Strength of His Hand Austin
8. Fire by Night Austin
9. A Table by the Window Blackwell
10. The Chosen
11. Message in a Bottle Sparks
12. Make Me a Memory Norton
13. The Wishing Jar Stokes
14. The Mummy Case Peters
15. The Shunning Lewis
16. Masquerade St. James
17. A Place Called Morning Tatlock
18. The Curse of the Pharaohs Peters
19. Rose Daughter McKinley
20. Standoff Downs
21. Of Mice and Men Steinbeck
22. The Iron Ring Alexander
23. Quality of Care Letts
24. The Brothers Stewart
25. Dark Tort Davidson
26. Threads of Honor Ryan
27. Ashes of Roses Auch
28. Taking Liberty Rinaldi
29. Unsung Lullaby Kilpack
30. Grime and Punishment Churchill
31. The Mensa Murders Martin
32. Julie Marshall
33. The Rescuer Henderson
34. Murder on the Atlantic Allen
35. The Breaking Point Ball
36. Owl’s Well that Ends Well Andrews
37. The Cat Who Sang for the Birds Braun
38. A White Bird Flying Aldrich
39. Gathered: A Novel of Ruth Setzer
40. Mummy’s the Word Blair
41. Dead On Arrival Savage
42. The Counterfeit Wells
43. Widow of Larkspur Inn Blackwell
44. Ribbon of Years Hatcher
45. Return to Mormonville Call
46. The Truth about Celia Brockmeier
47. Spindrift Whitney
48. The Last Camel Died at Noon Peters
49. The Journal of Patrick S. Flaherty White
50. True Courage Henderson
51. True Honor Henderson
52. The Last Suspect McCloud
53. A Light in the Storm Heimerdinger
54. Skipping Christmas Grisham
55. The Modern Magi Pearson
56. Faraway Child Wadsworth
57. Inside My Heart McGraw
58. The Serpents Trail Henry
59. A Mother’s Influence Nadauld
60. True Valor Henderson
61. True Devotion Henderson
62. The Hippopotamus Pool Peters
63. Into the Labyrinth Townsend
64. Home to Harmony Gulley
65. Like Dandelion Dust Kingsbury
66. Seeing a Large Cat Peters
67. Ghost of a Chance Blair
68. Cover of Darkness Bessey
69. The Kitchen God’s Wife Tan
70. A Hole in the Earth Bausch
71. The Falcon at the Portal Peters
72. Voice in the Night Andersen
73. Girl in a Cage Yolen
74. These High Green Hills Karon
75. The Day They Came to Arrest the Book Hentoff
76. The Acorn People Jones
77. Learning to Sing Aiken
78. He Shall Thunder in the Sky Peters
79. The Transfigured Hart Yolen
80. The Rifle Paulsen
81. A Light in the Window Karon
82. One Tuesday Morning Kingsbury
83. Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers Bezas
84. The Ape Who Guards the Balance Peters
85. Beyond Tuesday Morning Kingsbury
86. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire Cymbala
87. The First Year Liechty
88. Whispers from Yesterday Hatcher
89. A Little Sisterly Advice Griffeth
90. Diamonds and Danger Gardner
91. The Icing on the Cake Strain
92. Sorry, the Stork Takes No Returns Bowen
93. Turquoise and Terrorists Gardner
94. Jane Austen’s Guide to Dating Henderson
95. Soldier’s Heart Paulsen
96. The Shakeress Heuston
97. Child of the Owl Yep
98. The Lottery Rose Hunt
99. The Window Dorris
100. The Undomestic Goddess Kinsella
101. Mommy Paints the Sky Oertli
102. The Golden One Peters
103. Twilight Meyer
104. The Kestrel Alexander
105. The Operative Gardner
106. Charade Morris
107. Sheep’s_Clothing Kilpack
108. Mothers and Daughters Klein
109. Confessions of a Shopaholic Kinsella
110. Amethysts and Arson Gardner
111. Parenting the Ephraim’s Child Talmadge, Theler
112. Peace Like a River Enger
113. Sapphires and Smugglers Gardner
114. The Lord of the Silent Peters
115. Light on Snow Shreeve
116. The Obituary Writer Shreeve
117. Beneath a Southern Sky Raney
118. Hidden in a Whisper Peterson
119. Come Sing, Jimmy Jo Patterson
120. Guardian of the Horizon Peters
121. New Moon Meyer
122. A Summer to Die Lowry
123. Jade and Jeopardy Gardner
124. Multiple Choice Tashjian
125. When the Road Ends Thesman
126. The Widow’s Might Brown
127. Love Beyond Tomorrow Klingler
128. Head Start with the Book of Mormon Rasmussen
129. Children of the Storm Peters
130. A Sudden Silence Bunting
131. Seedfolks Fleischman
132. The Beggar Queen Alexander
133. Counting Stars Holmes
134. 1-2-3 Magic Phelan
135. Before I Wake Henderson
136. Westmark Alexander
137. The Serpent on the Crown Peters
138. Towards the Promised Land Moore
139. Land of Inheritance Moore (coming soon)
140. Bet Your Bottom Dollar Gillespie
141. Thale’s Folly Gilman
142. Daddy Long Legs Webster
143. Out to Canaan Karon
144. The Daughter of Time Tey
145. Gifts of Self Esteem Woodger
146. The Giver Lowry

Total: 146
July 29th, 2007


Janette Rallison said...

Okay, two things--where in the world do you find time to do stuff like write and homeschool. I'm truly awed.

Second, you're up as late as I am. Go to bed!

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Wow! Go Tristi. Some of those look interesting. I'll have to check them out.

ali said...

One word: WO.

ERiCA said...

Wow, you read even more than me!

Er, I think. I only started counting this year. I'm up to 56 or 57 since January 1st.

How I love to read! (Of course, it's my favorite way to procrastinate writing, but that's another topic. *g)

~paulette said...

holly crap, that's a ton of books! i guess that makes all the more power to you. I am curious though... with reading so MANY story lines, do you ever get bored with certain books... simply because you may have read so many others with similiar story-lines? Boy meets girl, for example... or a classic Good vs Evil? I mean, it seems that you wouldn't necessarily put it down, but do you ever grumble in your thoughts about how "repetitive" authors might be? (if we are??)

Tristi Pinkston said...

I did go to bed eventually, Janette. :) But that's the whole secret right there -- I don't sleep, therefore I get a lot more done than if I were sane and went to bed.

Candace, you should! You really should!

Erica, reading doesn't procrastinate writing -- it makes your writing richer when you get around to doing it. Writers who read are better writers. Think of it as "research" and then you won't feel so guilty.

Paulette, I answered you in a blog. :)

Stephanie said...

I kept a list when I was in high school of what I read for one year. It ended up being somewhere around 20,000 pages. I still have the list somewhere. Maybe we should all keep yearly lists and compare them. Might be interesting.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I didn't think to count pages -- I'll have to start doing that.

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