Tuesday, July 03, 2007

To Be Read

On my computer desktop, I have a file named "Books to be Read." As I wander around the Blogosphere, I'll often find a book review for a book that sounds interesting, so I'll open that file and jot down the title. It's not that I think I'll ever really read every single thing on that list, because I add several books to it a week, but it's so nice to have a whole file of books that someone else has read and recommended. It makes me feel like my odds of scoring a good read have gone up several percent.

And, because it's a computer file, it's easy to go in and delete books once they're read, and to print it off when I'm out the door to the library.

The only thing I would do differently would be to write down where I saw the book reviewed. Yeah, that would have been good.


ali said...

Hey, I've got a file like that too Tristi!

I've got a review for you:

"Sleeping with Schubert" by Bonnie Marson. It's a hysterical read that also has a great message-for-a-happier life note. It's about a young woman, an average NY lawyer who is not 'living her best life'. In a fluke act of the cosmos she comes to be possessed by the spirit of the late great Franz Schubert. Through her, (can't remember her name at this moment) Franz gets to finish some of his own business and in the process the two of them together enrich their lives (or their afterlife as the case might be), touch the lives of others, and provide all of us, the readers, with hope for our own futures

Framed said...

I have about three hundred books on my TBR list. It's out of control. I do write down where I heard about the book and also an Amazon rating. I keep a print-out with me if I think I will be close to Barnes and Noble. Hopefully I will buy books on the list instead of what catches my eye or worse something I already own.

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