Sunday, March 25, 2007

Don't Believe Everything You Read/Hear/Have E-Mailed to You

I get a lot of e-mail persuading me to believe this hoax or that scam, often passed on to me by concerned, well-meaning friends. Because of this, I have become a frequent frequenter of Snopes, a website dedicated to educating us about urban legends (definition: stories about unusual happenings that turn out to be false but are widely believed anyway.) It's fun to scroll through the list and see which of these old wives' tales are true and which are false.

All my life I've heard the story of the long list of failures Abraham Lincoln had before he made it to the Presidency. Well, guess what -- most of the things on that list were either exaggerated or plain made up. You can check out the truth of the matter here.

I encourage you, when you get an e-mail cautioning you against the dangers of lip balm or saying that the entire state of Maine has just fallen off the continental United States and was swallowed by a giant, state-eating whale, check it out on Snopes before you believe it.

And as far as that whale goes, he's not hungry anymore. I guess you could say he's state-tiated.

In case that pun didn't translate well in the written word, that's a play on "satiated."


Bookfool said...

LOL! Cute post, Tristi! I don't think to check Snopes, anymore - I pretty much just assume everything's a hoax.

On finding books cheaply . . . I haven't done a post but I thought I'd just jog over here to tell you. I do a lot of swapping through Paperback Swap ( and our library has a perpetual sale corner where people drop off donations and the library places their discards. You just stack them up and then measure the stack - a quarter per inch. Sometimes there's nothing worth taking home, but occasionally someone will drop off books from an estate or leftovers after a garage sale (books are not big sellers at garage sales, here) and there've been times I haven't had enough arms to carry all I really wanted to take home!

We don't have any used bookstores, anymore. I miss those, but it's possible the library sale area is better *because* of that fact. PBS is the only swap sight I've used, so far, because it's the easiest. I like the fact that you just list 9 books and you're off and running, plus they have a form to print out and wrap the books. Easy cheesy. :)

Tristi Pinkston said...

I am going to have to check out this swap. Thanks so much for pointing me to it!

Karlene said...

Funny. And I got your pun write away. :)

(misspelling intentional)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Very good,Karlene! :)

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