Saturday, February 03, 2007

More Blogs for Your Blog Reading Enjoyment

It's been a little while since I linked you to my blogs. Here are some new ones for you, and I'm now blogging about movies as well. Enjoy.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Summer Stock

Author Review: Reeve Lindbergh

Cool Author Websites

The Blue Butterfly

Facing the Giants

My Favorite Wife

Return to Me

Favorite LDS Doctrinal Books

Literacy Series: A Changing Definition, A Greater Need for Comprehension

Books for the Blind

In the Good Old Summertime

How a Good Teacher Inspires Literacy

Why Didn't You Get Me Out?

1 comment:

KB said...

Followed your link to the blog about cool author websites. I don't know how to comment there, so I'm commenting here.

Thanks for the link to Elizabeth Peters website. I LOVE the Amelia Peabody mysteries. I wish she had about 20 more. Her Vicky Bliss series is okay, but not quite as good. I've also read some of her books published under the pen name Barbara Michaels, but they're a little too scary for me.

The quilting site reminded me of a cute little mystery called "The Persian Pickle Club" by Sandra Dallas. Have you read that one?

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