Saturday, January 20, 2007

Get Your Lips Off My Cheek and No One Will Get Hurt

When you write something in chunks, and then you go back and read it straight through, you may find that you have repeated a word or action to the point of silliness. Such is the case with me. While editing a portion of my WIP where one of the main characters is going in for surgery, I noticed that every single person who came in to see her was kissing her on the cheek. If I got kissed that many times, I'd start slapping people.

That scene was originally written in small tidbits, stuck in between changing diapers, making lunch, changing the laundry loads, and what have you. Reading it straight through just now was quite a trip.

Writer's tip for today: It's okay to write in chunks, but try to edit in longer stretches so you can get a more clear idea of the big picture.

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Annette Lyon said...

Amen, Tristi! In my most recent set of edits, I discovered characters rolling their eyes in chapter after chapter. And in the previous book, I searched for the word “now” and ended up cutting 200 of them. It’s scary what you don’t realize you’re doing when you write in small snatches!

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