Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

Every so often, a blogger will blog about their top ten favorite things, and, not wanting to feel left out, I decided I would too. There’s enough room on the playground, right? But not being able to narrow it down to ten, this is a list of a random number, covering random topics.

Best Scrapbook Store – Keeping Memories Alive in Spanish Fork, Utah. They have an amazing selection of paper, cardstock, stickers – you name it. They ship anywhere, and they were actually the store who invented scrapbooking (as we know it) in the first place.

Best Brand of Pen – Bic. Not only is it a good pen, but the letters “BIC” could stand for Believe In Christ. A pen that bears its testimony is a pen for me. There will not be a favorite pencil category, though. I hate pencils.

Best Kiss in a Book – The kiss between the nurse and the doctor in “Fire By Night” by Lynn Austin. Beyond a doubt.

Best Kiss in a Movie – "Somewhere in Time," the kiss between Richard and Elise when he takes her back to her room after their day together. I get goosebumps every single time.

Best Ice Cream – Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. Absolutely heavenly. However, I’m allergic to ice cream and lose the hearing in one or both ears every time I eat it, so this is a painful topic for me.

Best Pizza – Papa Murphy’s Gourmet Vegetarian. You wouldn’t automatically think that a pizza with artichokes on it would be delicious, but it really, really is.

Best Sandwich Chain – Quizno’s. It’s absolutely delicious. Subway half-heartedly tries with their toasted subs, but it’s a feeble attempt at best.

Best Smell – A baby fresh out of the tub where they have been washed with Baby Magic. Best perfume in the world.

Best Time of the Day – Comes right after the baby is washed, and everyone is in bed and finally asleep.

Best Sound – Listening to my husband load the dishwasher.

Best Christmas Carols – “Mary, Did You Know” by either Donny Osmond or Kenny Rogers and Wynonna, and “O, Holy Night” as sung by Josh Groban.

Best James Bond – Pierce Brosnan. Was that even a real question?

Best Place to Read – In bed. With chocolate.

Of course, this is all just my opinion only.


Framed said...

I have to agree with your Best Smell. That is divine. I have to say that I liked Sean Connery better as 007.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Well, Sean Connery is very good, but I like him better as an older man than I do as a younger man. He's like Cary Grant -- he's aged very, very well.

I must confess, however, thatI'm a raging Pierce Brosnan fan.

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