Friday, August 04, 2006

I Don't Really Write This Way

I’ve written several blogs now and used many examples of character speech, plot lines, etc. While finishing up the last one, I had the most horrid thought: What if you think I really write this way, and are determined never to read a single one of my books?

Lest this perception prevail a moment longer, let me interrupt myself and assure you that no, I do not write my books in the way I write the examples for my blogs. The blogs are written a little over the top so as to adequately express my point. If the examples are larger than life, you can see the principle clearly and then translate them into an everyday situation with ease. I’m not going to be vague and ambiguous for fear that you’ll misunderstand what I’m saying.

There is a lot of power in a bad example. If the ones I’m giving you make you recoil in disgust, my job here is done. I find I actually enjoy writing bad examples. (You’ll find plenty of evidence of this in LDStorymakers: Publishing Secrets and LDStorymakers: Writing Secrets) It’s comic relief for me.

So never you fear – my books are actually intelligent and thoughtful. The goofy examples are for teaching purposes only.

Having made this disclaimer, I will now leave you and trust that you’ll not think any the less of me because of Grandpa Hank’s eccentricities.

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